OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Raiders and quarterback Terrelle Pryor are ready to part ways, with team management and Pryor’s agent saying he’ll be traded or released soon.

The Raiders traded for former Texans QB Matt Schaub last week.

“Once you get a guy like Schaub, then you have to open up another slot to bring in someone else,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “If you get too big a logjam in there, then you don’t have room to bring in new or young prospects to get a look at. Sometimes teams will keep too many of them and then they don’t really give any new players a chance.”

Madden said he liked Pryor’s speed and ability to make big plays at times, but doesn’t question the Raiders decision to look elsewhere for a starting quarterback.

“I really do think that with two or three coaches and two or three different systems, I think they really gave him the opportunity here. I really think the Raiders are in dire need of a quarterback, and if he were the answer, there’s no way they’d let him get out of there.”

Pryor left college early for the NFL, and Madden said that might help explain his inconsistency.

“All those (NFL quarterbacks) that have been successful early, they all stayed in college for four or five years,” Madden said. “I think that pays off immensely. That’s one of Pryor’s problems too, is that he came out very early and didn’t have a lot of training in college.” (7:10)

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