By Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — With a wave of storms heading toward the Bay Area at the same time as Contra Costa, Santa Clara Water District and other agencies are demanding water restrictions, many people are asking how bad the drought is for their region.

The answer? Many Bay Area communities need over a foot of rain to return to normal, and that still won’t replenish the deficit caused by the on-going drought.

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Culling numbers from the National Weather Service’ Climate page and the KPIX 5 Weather Center, the following is a snapshot of the drought as of March 24th, before this week’s storms.  These show the amount of rain since July of 2013

San Francisco

Since July: 8.67

Normal: 20.76

NEEDED: 12.09

San Jose

Since July: 4.76

Normal: 12.99

NEEDED: 8.23


Since July: 6.19

Normal: 18.04

NEEDED: 11.85

Mountain View

Since July 4.50

Normal: 12.73

NEEDED: 8.23

Santa Rosa

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Since July 12.23

Normal: 31.68

NEEDED: 19.45


Since July: 5.24

Normal: 13.60

NEEDED: 8.36

Paso Robles

Since July: 3.89

Normal: 11.44

NEEDED: 7.55


Since July: 16.32

Normal: 33.42

NEEDED: 17.1

Complete Weather Forecasts: KPIX 5 Weather Center


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