SAUSALITO (KCBS)— On Monday, Governor Brown addressed a national meeting of state environmental officials. Engaged and seemingly passionate about the issue, he spoke off the cuff for about 45 minutes with environmental regulators from the 50 states.

He talked of destroying the basis of life by relying on fossil fuels and that society will inevitably spin out of control because of drought and food shortages caused by climate change.

He described himself as a “missionary” trying to convince oil executives to join the fight.

When asked if his stance puts him at odds with his decision to allow fracking in California, Brown said, “The question is about water, seismic activity and various soil contaminations. All of those are being very carefully examined and researched.”

Brown said California is doing more to examine “all the possible consequences of any kind of fracking.”

The governor insists there will be exhaustive study, but has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry to fund his re-election.