SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— It’s now easier for Google Plus users to figure out just how popular or unpopular their pages are. Google is adding a view counter to profile pages.

It gives users a better view of how they’re doing, for example there are a number of followers on my Twitter account and I can evaluate my feedback that way. With page views, you see how many people are visiting your page and the activity it creates. For businesses, it’s important and for individuals I think it’s more of an ego thing.

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Google Plus has been criticized because it doesn’t have as much of a wide appeal as other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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I was actually pleasantly surprised by my feedback. I don’t use Google Plus that much and didn’t expect to see that many people had accessed my page. I think that’s part of the company’s goal is to reassure people that their page is actually making some sort of impact and that there is in fact an audience.

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I think this brings up a larger issue on contemporary status symbols. It’s not just money, good grades or looks anymore, the number of followers and “friends” you have on social media is like the new status symbol in many ways.