SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Two key defendants in the wide-ranging conspiracy case involving politics, cash and guns entered pleas in federal court Tuesday. Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow pleaded not guilty to all charges against him including money laundering.

The pleas come a week after suspended State Senator Leland Yee entered his plea of not guilty in the same case. Chow, 54, and an admitted gang leader with the Chee Kung Tong organization is a central figure in this case.

“We don’t see that he’s committed any crime whatsoever within the complaint and the way they’ve grouped it together with a large amount of defendants where he’s hardly even related,” said his attorney Curtis Briggs.

Brandon Jackson also pleaded not guilty; he’s the son of another defendant, Keith Jackson who served as Leland Yee’s political consultant and also on the San Francisco school board.

The younger Jackson was extradited from New York, accused of organizing a never completed murder-for-hire plot.

Former sports agent Marlon Sullivan also pleaded not guilty on charges of conspiracy.

“I think that the important thing in this case is that the indictment is merely an accusation. Just charges, okay. There is the presumption of innocence here,” his attorney Kurt Robinson said.

29 defendants in all in this case are accused of participating in a vast effort to raise campaign cash for Yee, including selling arms for money.


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