SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Your car may be spying on you, and the information it collects might be used against you.

Newer cars equipped with computer systems known as black boxes collect GPS data and other location information.

“The manufacturer of their car, probably knows where they are at all times, and where they’ve been,” Nate Cardozo of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said.

Car companies also gather information every time drivers use the voice activation.

“The manufacturer will retain a record of what they searched for,any text messages they may have dictated.  And, they may share that data with advertisers, or even insurers,” Cardozo said.

Insurers can use that information in crash investigations.

Other information is stored on board vehicles in the black boxes.

“It gathers information on where you’re driving, how fast you’re driving, how fast you’re driving around corners, how you were using your brakes.  And some of the cars because of the seat belt sensors, can tell how many people were in the car,” Jeff Spring of the Automobile Club of Southern California said.