OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Warriors edged the Clippers 100-99 in Oakland Thursday night, setting the stage for Game Seven of the NBA playoff series in L.A. Saturday. The Warriors made 39% from the floor, the Clippers only 37%.

“At some point you have to give credit to defense,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “I know that’s a lot tougher in basketball because it’s the same guys playing offense and defense. But if that were football you’d give a lot of credit to defense.”

The game was physical, with several players fouling out.

“When you go into the playoffs, you know you take a step up. And there are a lot things that step up. And one of them I just talked about is defense. And the other one is physical.”

Madden said it’s important to distinguish ‘good physical’ from ‘bad physical.’

“As a coach you always have to be guarded. ‘We want to be physical with these guys, we have to be physical, we have to be physical with Curry. We have to do all those things.’ But then there has to be a disclaimer that in being physical we have to be smart. Now being physical without being smart is just stupid play… I think (the key is) a little coaching and a little players’ understanding how you can be physical without being stupid and without fouling out of games.” (6:55)

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