By Brandon Mercer

OAKLAND (KPIX) — Death is nothing new on the streets of Oakland–the city had 39 murders last year–and when the deceased walked on four legs, was covered in fur, and had a wagging tail, the death is even less critical. That’s why a carcass of a dead animal was left on the sidewalk for almost a week before being partially picked up by city animal services.

A KPIX 5 viewer sent in a photo of the animal’s body, as he saw it day after day, baking in the sun on the sidewalk just feet away from a group of mailboxes that people used daily. The photo is disturbing, and is including in this separate link.

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DEAD ANIMAL LEFT ON STREET: Viewer Photo (Warning: Contents May Be Disturbing To Some Readers)

It was in front of the U.S. Post Office at 92nd and International in East Oakland, near the mailboxes out front.

Someone appears to have covered the dead animal with a t-shirt.

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Neighbors say it was a stray that got hit by a car.

Oakland Police confirm the dog was reported to animal control on Tuesday, May 6th, and was picked up on May 12th.

When KPIX 5 reporter Brian Webb returned to the scene Tuesday, however, he discovered that animal control workers had not properly picked up the body, leaving a detached tail behind on the sidewalk, and the blood-stained t-shirt that the dog had been covered with.

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Officers told KPIX 5, “We apologize for the delayed response and are working diligently to address staffing shortages at the animal shelter.”