SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Over 800 Students from San Francisco and Marin counties came to Ocean Beach’s rescue Tuesday as part of a mass-statewide cleanup effort.

The “Kids’ Ocean Day & Adopt-a-Beach” event is a part of a series of beach cleanups at six California locations stretching from San Diego to Eureka and is organized by the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary.

Eager students showed up to the San Francisco location with bags and plastic containers as their cleaning tools. Some of them from Sanchez Elementary expressed concern for animals that could be living in dirty environments and the detriments they face, including common beach garbage like potentially lethal, six-pack rings that have harmed birds.

Wendy Dalia, the center’s conservation and education programs director, said the kids get it.

“They’re especially aware of trash and litter, especially here in San Francisco and Marin counties where we see a lot of work in trash reduction and reducing use of plastic bags,” she said.


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