LOS ANGELES (CBS SF) – An anonymous millionaire who has been hiding cash all over the Bay Area has taken his handout campaign to Southern California, leaving his devoted following in the Bay Area to get cash the old fashioned way, working.

The mystery man and real estate developer has been tweeting (@HiddenCash) clues to the locations of envelopes stuffed with $20 and $100 bills since Friday, racking up about 250,000 Twitter followers in the process.

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The Our Los Angeles affiliate was at the secret location Wednesday night as the man behind the Twitter handle made his first two drops and tweeted clues to their locations. He said he plans to be in L.A. for the next few days.

“I was actually coming to L.A. for business not related to this but I thought what great timing because this thing is really taking off,” he told CBS 2. “I want to get the city excited about finding money and the idea of giving back.”

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The mystery man was wearing a pair of smurf-blue sneakers that, if located, could help SoCal cash-seekers get a jump on the next giveaway.

The blue sneakers of the mystery @hiddencash do-gooder. (CBS)

The blue sneakers of the mystery @hiddencash do-gooder. (CBS)

Ken Dellinger was the first LA resident to strike it rich with $250 in cash. In the spirit of the game, he gave some of his finding to three other men also looking for the money.

“I just happened to look on Twitter a few minutes ago cause I remembered it was going to be happening this weekend . . . and I saw something about the fountain and I live just up the block. It was awesome,” he said.

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Earlier Thursday, the mystery do-gooder dropped money at several locations in San Jose, creating brief scenes of hysteria.