GRASS VALLEY (CBS SF) – A Grass Valley woman assumed the commotion in her kitchen was her husband coming home for lunch Monday, only to enter the room and find a bear looking through her fridge for food.

Kathleen Hickinbotham went downstairs to investigate the racket and found her kitchen ransacked, and a bear out on the porch feasting on meat from her freezer.

“He had pulled out all the top drawers, and the bottom drawer of the refrigerator was open,” Hickinbotham told CBS-13 in Sacramento.

She started banging on a pot to scare it away. Bear sightings are not unusual in Grass Valley. Further up Hickinbotham’s street, a bear scaled a five-foot fence to eat a neighbor’s chickens.

But residents said bears have never enter a person’s home, at least in this area.

The bear that visited Hickinbotham decided to come back again later that night for more, so Kathleen, armed once again with pot and wooden sppon, decided it’s time to do like the rest of her neighbors and get a dog.