SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco-based skateboard company is hoping to solve the Bay Area’s traffic problems, one commuter at a time.

Public transit riders often have to slog those last few blocks from their stop to work, a problem known as the last mile ‘last mile.’ Some bring their bike to make that connection easier, but a local startup thinks they have a more compact option that could be appealing to commuters – a battery powered gadget that looks like the Tesla of skateboards.

Boosted Boards is aiming to solve the last mile problem with an electric powered skateboard, a dual-motored longboard with regenerative braking, and a 20-mph top speed. It can clime a 15 percent uphill grade.

The company claims the board uses 1/20th the power a car uses, and can climb a 15-percent uphill grade.

“Our big objective is to encourage mass transit by using these last mile vehicles and having more people be able to commute that way,” Boosted Boards co-founder Matthew Tran said.

Commuters were intrigued by the idea.

“I could definitely see myself taking it on the train. It’d be easier than my bike, which is pretty hard to carry,” commuter Hannah Farley said.


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