SAN JOSE (KCBS) — A woman wearing bright yellow pants was recorded last week by surveillance cameras removing campaign sign from a San Jose family’s front yard in a video that has gone viral.

The woman now being referred to as the “Banana Pants Bandit” can be seen in the video pulling up in front yard of a home in Willow Glenn and taking a “Sam Liccardo for Mayor” sign that was staked into the lawn. After, she can be seen running back to a waiting car and then drives off.

Katie Zazueta decided to post the video on Facebook and it has quickly spread to the other social media.

She told KCBS that she wants to make people more aware.

“At least for becoming aware that these little petty thefts happen, even in these quaint little neighborhoods in San Jose,” she said.

KCBS Political Analyst Larry Gerston said that sign theft is more likely to backfire.

“It will probably generate, at least on a temporary basis, more support than sympathy for the candidate—in this case Sam Liccardo—than it might have otherwise.

So far the woman in the video has not been identified.