ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — 16 people have been shot in Antioch in the past two weeks, including an 11-year old boy in a recent wave of violence that has left five people dead.

“We hear gunshots all the time. (They) sound like firecrackers, but you can never be sure,” Antioch resident Miesha Wynne said.

Antioch has seen 30 shootings since the beginning of the year, and one city councilmember is putting her faith in the chief of police to put a stop to it.

“What’s happening is we’re giving all we can to the chief,” Antioch City Councilwoman Mary Helen Rocha said.

The chief was not available for comment, but wrote a Facebook post to the people of Antioch saying investigators believe many of the shootings are related to gangs, drugs, or both, and that many of the witnesses are uncooperative.

A crime suppression operation has been planned that will send officers on overtime into high crime areas to focus on drugs, weapons, and gangs that will begin in the near future.