SANTA CLARA COUNTY (CBS SF) — California is about to get a lot tougher on saving the state’s water.

The State Water Resources Control Board is set to vote Tuesday on tough new rules that would allow any public employee empowered to enforce laws to write tickets for wasting water. This includes workers like parking meter maids.

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Violations would include watering during the day, rinsing driveways and washing a car without a shut off nozzle.

The daily maximum fine is $500. And you have the option of taking a class, like these offenders.

“The class it really gave me a lot of insight in all of it,” said Rick Waggoner, a conservation class participant.

“We’re all more connected than it seems,” said State Water Resources Control Board chairwoman Felicia Marcus. “It really behooves all of us to figure out how to use the water that we do have as wisely as we can.”

If the law is approved, the new rules would go into effect immediately and will last nine months.

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