For Sylvia Aquino,  sending emergency supplies and food to her family in the Philippines isn’t just a good deed, it’s  a tradition.  But, she says five boxes she recently shipped to her family in Luzon arrived damaged and pillaged.

Like many Filipino-Americans,  Aquino regularly sends “Balikbayan” boxes to her relatives in her homeland.  Earlier this year, the Bay Area Nurse sent eight boxes via LBC Sea Cargo.  The cost was $60 per box, with expected delivery in one-month.  With no weight limit on the boxes, Aquino packed them to the brim.  Aquino packed hers with canned food, chocolates, flashlights and blankets;  items she suspected would be needed during Typhoon season,  which is now underway.

Aquino says three boxes arrived on-time and undamaged.  But, she says photos taken by her relatives show  five boxes were opened and food and other items were stolen prior to delivery.

“I see when they opened the box, it’s not up to the rim,”  Aquino told Consumerwatch.

Additionally,  she says the tape and stickers  she used to secure the boxes arrived covered over with different tape and stickers,  that she didn’t use.  Aquino also says those five boxes all arrived late.

LBC Cargo confirms the boxes were late, blaming port congestion.

The company says its records indicate the boxes arrived intact,  but has agreed to investigate further.

LBC says each box is automatically insured for $100 each.   Aquino has submitted a claim.