SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Getting into a San Francisco taxi cab while nauseatingly drunk may cost you plenty if you can’t keep it down.

Cabbies are invoking an article of the city’s Municipal Transportation Code that allows them to charge anyone who vomit’s inside their cab a $100 clean-up fee.

According to Article 1100, Section 1124:

(4) Cleaning Fee. Drivers are authorized to collect a cleaning fee of up to $100 from any passenger who permanently stains the interior of the vehicle or who renders the vehicle temporarily unfit for for-hire passengers because of spillage of any substance such that the vehicle must be taken out of service and cleaned. 

The vomit fee was publicized in San Francisco neighborhood news portal Hoodline.

The vomit cleanup fee is a trend being seen in other cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Ottawa and Calgary.

Other cities have proposed similar cleaning fees.