SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Lightning struck over parts of the Bay Area giving some residents an early morning jolt on Tuesday and led to a weather warning for pilots flying near the San Francisco International Airport.

Lighting was spotted during the 4 o’clock morning hour along the Peninsula with small amounts of rain.

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“Now it’s sort of into the North Bay—sort of moving up the I-80 corridor from Berkeley towards the Carquinez Bridge,” meteorologist Jan Null at Golden Gate Weather Services in San Francisco said.


He said that weather such as this occurs just once each summer and really is not a cause for concern.

“With thunderstorms, you get some downdraft winds so you get gusty winds. There might be a bit of small embedded hail with this,” he said.

Pilots approaching and departing SFO were advised of the possibility of gusty winds, lightening and hail but airport officials told KCBS there were no flight delays.

Null said that while the humidity is actually on the rise, a shift in wind direction will create less muggy weather for now.

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