SAN RAFAEL (CBS SF) — San Rafael is using goats to help clean out a piece of land plagued by brush fires and homeless campers.

Tall grass in the area at the end of Kerner Boulevard has provided a hiding place for homeless campers. Grass fires have been common, but environmental issues have prevented the fire department from using heavy equipment to trim it.

“You and I can’t even see the bottom of it. It’s pretty easy to hide. So, unless someone’s out patrolling, you’re not gonna see who’s out there,” San Rafael Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Rowan said.

So, the San Rafael Fire Department came up with the idea of using goats to trim the grass, and eliminate the haven for the homeless.

“We’ve come up with the goat eradication plan,” property owner Fred Grange said.

One-thousand goats started eating away at the grass, and some of the trash left behind by the homeless, and have become a sort of local tourist attraction.

The goats cost $1,000-per day.

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