SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A man and a woman were arrested Thursday on suspicion of growing marijuana, running a butane hash oil lab and trafficking narcotics out of a home in San Francisco’s Miraloma Park neighborhood.

San Francisco residents Alexander Lioulios, 33, and Lauren Todd, 26, were targeted by narcotics investigators after a report in June of a possible marijuana cultivation operation.

A strong marijuana stench in the area led to the investigation and a search warrant for the property was served on Thursday, police said.

Investigators allegedly found a marijuana growing operation with an electrical bypass system in place. PG&E officials determined that electricity was allegedly being stolen, police said.

A butane honey oil lab was also discovered at the home, according to police.

Honey oil is the term for concentrated cannabis oil. The extraction process uses butane and is highly volatile, often leading to explosions at home labs where pilot lights in a water heater or other appliances can ignite a fire.

There was also evidence of alleged narcotics trafficking, along with 84 marijuana plants growing, and more than 10 pounds of dried processed marijuana and 82 containers of concentrated THC oil found in the home, according to police.

The pair was arrested on suspicion of illegal marijuana cultivation, utility services theft, marijuana sales, maintaining premises where controlled substances are used or sold, manufacturing a controlled substance and conspiracy, according to police.

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