SAN JOSE (KCBS) — The San Jose City Council’s Public Safety Committee will receive an update next month on airport security following a security breach at Mineta San Jose International Airport in which a woman was able to board a Southwest flight to Los Angeles without a ticket in August—the second security breach in five months.

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Initially, Mineta Airport officials downplayed the incident refusing to call it a security breach—a fact that San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant found troubling.

“I’m a little disappointed in how the city’s public statement went forward—that we didn’t have security breach and that there was no real threat; I think that’s a naïve statement,” he said. “I think that while might be able to say the city of San Jose was not at fault—it really doesn’t matter who was fault—the fact of the matter is that it’s our airport and it’s our responsibility and we need to look at this and fix whatever flaws we may have.”

Marilyn Hartman, 62, was arrested twice last week after sneaking onto a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles and then returning to Los Angeles International Airport.

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Airport director Kim Aguirre struck a different tone when she appeared before the City Council Rules Committee.

“We certainly believe the issue is very serious and we take every opportunity to that we can as a learning opportunity for us,” Aguirre said.

The Public Safety Committee will hold its meeting on Sep. 25.

Hartman was sentenced on Wednesday to 177 days in jail after she admitted violating her probation in the two incidents last week, a Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office spokesman said.

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Last April, 15-year-old Yahya Abdi hopped a fence at the airport and completed a flight to Hawaii after stowing away inside a wheel well.