SAN JOSE (CBS/AP) — A Bay Area stowaway who was recently ordered to serve 177 days in jail for violating probation by returning to Los Angeles International Airport is out of custody.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s authorities said 62-year-old Marilyn Jean Hartman was released Saturday because of jail overcrowding.

Deputy Crystal Hernandez said Hartman qualified for early release because of certain unspecified circumstances.

On Wednesday, a judge ordered Hartman to serve jail time for wandering around LAX on Aug. 7 after being told the previous day to stay away from the airport.

Hartman, who has made previous attempts to sneak aboard flights at other airports, was arrested Aug. 4 after she took a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose to Los Angeles without a ticket. Her boarding status was discovered once the flight landed in LAX.

Hartman has said she is homeless and feels safer in airports than on the streets. She has been arrested several times this year for trying to stow away on flights out of San Francisco International Airport.

There is no word on her current whereabouts.

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