OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Transgender students that identify as female can now be considered for enrollment at Mills College, an all-female school in Oakland.

The move made the liberal-arts institution the first of the country’s 119 single-sex colleges to have an official policy for transgender applicants.

The new policy, which the trustees’ enrollment committee unanimously approved in May, will go into effect for the first time as students return to class on Aug. 27.

Applicants who “are not assigned to the female sex at birth” but identify as female will be now considered for enrollment. Applications who say they “do not fit into the gender binary” will also be allowed to apply if they were identified as female at birth.

The Oakland college will not consider students who were born female, but have undergone a legal change of gender to male before they apply. But female students who become male after enrolling may stay and graduate. Anyone can apply for the graduate program, which is coed.

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