NAPA (CBS SF) – North Bay residents who were shaken by Sunday morning’s South Napa Earthquake haven’t been given much of a chance to settle down, based on United States Geological Survey measurements of seismic activity in the area.

In just over 24 hours following the 3:20 a.m Sunday earthquake the USGS recorded 124 minor quakes and counting in the area. The seismic activity is clustered around the epicenter and to the north near the Geysers, a region known for regular ground shaking.  The largest of the tremors was 3.6 magnitude, just hours after the initial earthquake.

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Many of the smaller quakes likely weren’t felt by anyone, some measuring lest than a full magnitude point. Here’s a look at all of the activity in the area:



Immediately following the quake seismologists said there was over a fifty percent chance that a magnitude 5.0 earthquake will hit within the week in the same area, though that percentage begins to drop significantly more than 24 hours after the initial earthquake.

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State Seismologist John Parrish said minor shaking could continue for several weeks.

Seismologists believed there was a 5-percent chance of an even larger quake over magnitude 6.0 in the next few days.



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