SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The Chief of Staff for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi toured San Francisco’s Sunnydale housing project Thursday, after a deadly fire last April prompted concerns and complaints among residents.

Dan Bernal, Congresswoman Pelosi’s, who represented Pelosi on the tour didn’t offer much comment to members of the press who showed up during his visit so he could get a first-hand look.

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The tour included the housing unit that was burned out from a one-alarm fire that killed a 32-year-old woman and her three-year-old son on 76 Brookdale Ave. According to the fire department’s report, that blaze was accidental and caused by a faulty electrical outlet.

Other complaints about the housing units ranged from mold to faulty utilities.

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Leonard Helms and his fiancé have lived in the projects for four years.

“Our heater hasn’t worked in maybe a year and like the lady was saying, it gives off a bad smell that gives you headache where you have to turn it off or leave the house,” he said.

Bernal only said, “I’m here to listen today and we’ll follow up on anything that’s brought to our attention.”

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“How can we sit down and speak to solutions when no one really wants to talk about what’s going on?” said Felicia Jones who organized the tour.