SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — One of the Bay Area’s most popular attractions has also become one of the region’s biggest traffic headaches due to increasing numbers of tourists.

A visit to the Golden Gate Bridge is included every tourist guidebook—not just to see the span but to take in views of the Bay, Alcatraz and the San Francisco skyline.

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Kary Witt, a bridge manager for the Golden Gate Transportation District, told KCBS that competition for the few available parking spaces at the lookout points is causing serious traffic congestion.

“That line for an available parking space will actually back up all the way on to and actually block one of the bridge lanes, which effectively takes that lane out of service for moving cars,” he said.

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Tourism continues to increase with the corresponding bump in the traffic jams—something the bridge district is now addressing an urgent matter.

“It’s one that we’re going to be working with our partners at Caltrans, who actually own and operate that facility (Vista Point) to see what can be done.”

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Some ideas being floated include moving tourists to buses for trips to Vista Point an improved signage that lets people know whether parking is available and to stop vehicles from blocking through traffic on the span.