OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Oakland has been gaining national headlines in recent years for the rebirth of its art, culture and restaurant scene. But the work of some the city’s most popular residents can still be purchased for a  few hundred bucks.

The Oakland Zoo is hosting its first ever Animal Art Show. Work by an elephant, giraffe, goat, chimp, hissing roach and otter (among others) can be yours for a winning eBay bid. The works come with a picture of the creature responsible for creating it.

In all, 12 works were posted for sale beginning September 5th, and none had yet garnered a bid over a couple of hundred dollars as of Wednesday afternoon.

The auctions end Sunday.

“100% of the proceeeds from the sales of these masterpieces will go to support Oakland Zoo’s conservation programs for animals in the wild,” Zoo officials said.

Check out the paintings and find out how to place a bid here.