LOS GATOS (CBS SF) — Residents at a Los Gatos nudist resort facing difficulties during California’s drought were accused of stealing water from a nearby open district.

Rangers from Midpeninsula Open Space District ripped out a water line from a waterfall on nearby Hendry’s Creek that was feeding the Lupin Lodge resort’s 87,000 gallon tank, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The resort had been trucking water in to fill the tank, and keep a reserve in case of a fire. But workers strung a rubber hose more than half a mile along a dirt road to a waterfall on the Midpeninsula property, which the owners insist has a grandfathered right to the fall.

“It makes me angry and frustrated. They refused to listen to our argument. It’s hardly neighborly,” lodge owner Glyn Stout told the Mercury News.

“We believe we have the right to be here and do what we’re doing.”

Officials with the open space district say the pipe amounted to private use of a public resource.