By Joe Vazquez

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – Residents of a San Jose neighborhood are wondering who are the thieves behind a recent crime spree. A KPIX 5 viewer said there have been three dozen burglaries in recent days.

“It’s really surprising. Like, what’s happening to our neighborhood? Like, is it safe anymore?” said Ashley Tran.

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The Tran family said the bad guys went through their side gate, and broke into a backyard window.

“They took cash, they took jewelry, valuables we saved,” said Christine Tran.

“My mom said it seemed like they knew what they were doing because they went straight to the master bedroom…they had a plan,” Ashley Tran said.

Adam Stewart says burglars also broke into his backyard window.

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“They went straight upstairs, they kicked in some doors. They went into the master closet, they grabbed a lot of my wife’s jewelry,” Stewart said.

Another burglary victim, who did not want his identity revealed, said he has been keeping track of the burglaries and talking to neighbors. According to his numbers which he derived from the San Jose Police Department website, , there have been 37 burglaries in his neighborhood in just the last two weeks. Last Friday, there were 11 burglaries in one day.

“You know, stuff is stuff, it can be replaced,” Stewart said. “But I just want to know who did it. And because of burglary being such a low priority for the police force, that’s a question I’m never going to have the answer to.”

We reached out to the San Jose Police Department to ask them, what’s going on here in Evergreen and do they have any suspects in mind. They did not respond to requests for comment as of Monday night.

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On its web site, the police department said it responds to burglaries with patrol officers. The burglary unit has been depleted by budget cuts.