SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – How does Netflix decide between offering you the past seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ or the latest Adam Sandler direct to DVD comedy? A select group of employees – who get paid to watch everything – help the company filter all of that content so that it can be matched to what you like.

Men and women known as “Taggers” watch movies and TV shows and describe the plot, characters and content using hundreds of labels known as tags. The tags include terms like “dancing, infideltiy,  finding love, and depression.”

“I’m basically memorizing as much information as I can while watching it,” tagger Josh Garell told CBS’s Ben Tracy.

All of those tags are then entered into the secret algorithm of the Los Gatos-based company. That algorithm is run against your previous viewing patterns and ratings to match you with suggested content. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

Sorry folks, there are no “tagger” openings listed on the company’s website.