SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Bay Area commuters should brace for a strike as early as Friday—that’s the advice the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District is giving as one or more of the 13 unions are threatening a work stoppage.

Bridge district spokeswoman Priya Clemens told KCBS that she’s hoping it won’t happen but concedes it’s a real possibility.

“We had negotiations on Monday and we’ve negotiations for several months now. We have another planned for this coming Monday and we’ve had no official notice of a strike at this point,” she said.

“We expect that they will make some sort of announcement and would allow us the opportunity to alert the ridership that their commutes would be significantly impacted by a strike.”

She said ferry boat operators are amongst those who may strike.

“Golden Gate Ferry deckhands are actually the best paid on the bay. They’re paid a couple of bucks more than their fellow union members at the other ferry systems,” Clemens said.

Clemens said that while bus drivers aren’t working without a contract, they could honor picket lines, halting bus service.

Employees who shift north and southbound lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge could also walk, causing gridlock for the commute.

The coalition of about 450 transit workers argue the small pay raises being offered are more than offset by rising health care premiums.

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