SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco company has created a cup that knows what’s poured into it.

The Vessyl ‘smart cup’ tracks how much sugar, caffeine, protein or fat is in any drink poured into it.

“When people track what they consume, studies have shown the likeliness of achieving your health goals is higher,” Mark One CEO & co-founder Justin Lee said.

The cup can also send the drink data to a smartphone to help users keep track of their consumption.

According to the company, small sensors in the cup analyze the molecules in the drink to determine what’s inside.

“So whether it’s a coke, a sprite, an orange crush, or a smoothie or coffee with half and half it knows at a molecular level,” Lee said.

The cup took seven years to develop, and will be for sale next year.  Pre-orders are available on the company’s website for $99.

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