SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Smartphone maker HTC is introducing not only a brand new handset to take sharper pictures, but the first ever action camera. That’s because while a picture is worth a thousand words, the company hopes the cameras that take these pictures will turn into millions of sales.

The Re Camera, as it’s known, is an interesting looking cross-platform device (sort of periscope shaped). It’s a stand-alone digital camera that connects to your Android or iOS device. It sort of resembles a periscope. Interestingly enough there’s no power button. You grip it to turn it on and it has a little button that starts recording in video mode.

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I think at $200, it’s a little overpriced for what it is. It’s their first entry into the camera market, so we’ll have to see how it does.

The 16 megapixels of resolution Re Camera possesses can already be done on your smartphone, but the only difference is the convenience of having something simple to use; there’s not even a viewfinder. Remember, this is a phone company and they’re trying to pair this with their phones.

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I personally don’t think I’d buy this product, but I might buy their new phone they’ve announced, because it has two 13-megapixel cameras. One in front and one in rear for selfies.