SAN JOSE (CBS SF)_ The San Jose police officer who was moonlighting for the San Francisco 49ers was on duty and in uniform when he responded to a domestic violence call at Ray McDonald’s home back in August.

Sources tell the San Jose Mercury News that Sgt. Sean Pritchard visited the home earlier that evening for a birthday party the player was throwing with his teammates.

McDonald reportedly called Pritchard following the incident who showed up before on-duty officers who were responding to the 911 call.

Sources tell the paper that Pritchard’s presence stalled the police investigation into the incident and is part of the reason that charges still haven’t been filed.

The department has ordered Pritchard to stop working for the team and San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel sent an internal memo that all off-duty work with the team has been suspended while the department reviews its policies.

“Due to the complexities of the investigation, both criminally and administratively, we feel that it is in our best interest to suspend all San Francisco 49er secondary employment related assignments until further notice,” the statement, later released to the media, read.

Police say McDonald’s pregnant fiance had visible injuries when they responded.

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