SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday the nation needs to close a “word gap” between low-income children and their more affluent peers.

Speaking at a tech conference in San Francisco, Clinton said low-income children are exposed to fewer books and words.

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“The word gap leads to an achievement gap and has lifelong consequences,” she said.

The Clinton Foundation is partnering with San Francisco-based Next Generation to close the gap, she said.

Clinton also spoke about her support of “net neutrality” — the idea that Internet service providers shouldn’t block, manipulate or slow data moving across their networks.

Other topic included her new granddaughter Charlotte and the importance of philanthropy.

Clinton once again didn’t address whether she would run for president in 2016, laughing off the one attempt to draw her into the issue.

She spent much of her 15-minute keynote address at the software convention discussing her volunteer work since resigning as secretary of state in 2013.

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After her speech, she participated in a 15-minute question-and-answer session with Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab asked Clinton about her appearance at the 1999 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where she was asked when the United States would elect its first female president.

Clinton laughed and said she didn’t remember the comment. Schwab reminded her that she answered that she didn’t know but looked forward to voting for the candidate.

`I’ll stick with that answer,” Clinton said Tuesday. “I don’t want to make news today.”

Clinton said she hopes the United States will soon elect a female leader and overcome another hurdle to gender equality.

Later, she walked through throngs of convention-goers and fans to help start a daylong effort to fill thousands of bags with clothing, books and other materials to encourage Oakland parents to talk, read and sing to their babies.

On her way to a roped-off work area, a fan yelled that Clinton had their vote, to which Clinton replied “that’s nice to hear.” She packed two totes, posed for photographs with several people and departed.

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