SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Every Giants fan in attendance Thursday took home cherished memories of a magical night, but the game was particularly significant for one little fan who won’t remember a single thing about the game.

Chris Luyet and his wife Nisha had an ultrasound earlier Thursday, but didn’t find out the gender of their child right away. Instead they gave the info – on a note – to a friend who passed it along to the Giants.

The team posted the news in between innings, with a sign that read “Congratulations Chris and Nisha It’s A Boy!” Here’s the clip:

The couple hugged on camera when they learned the news. The night, of course, kept on getting better as the Giants punched their ticket to the World Series.

“Tonight has been one of the most epic nights of all time,” Luyet said. “I love my girl Nisha and my boy Mason…and the Giants, I can’t root for you more. I love you.”

The couple is still settling on a name, but judging from Chris’ response seeing this story on Facebook, he’s got some ideas.

Now to try and find a way to make it to the World Series and convince Nisha we should name our child Mason “Buster” James Luyet… I sort of like the ring to that,” he wrote.

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