KENTFIELD (CBS SF) — Betty Segars’ Kentfield home is barely visible from the street but it’s got a great view of the sun, so Betty thought it would be perfect spot for solar panels.

“I’ve got a perfect position for solar. My house faces southern exposure,” Segars said.

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In eco-conscious Marin, solar panels are a popular thing, so Betty was shocked when she got a letter from the Kent Woodlands homeowners association denying her request. Segars says she has a county permit.

“They rejected me because the panel has a white back sheet.  And I said, back sheet?  I’ve never heard of this before, what are you talking about?”

The Architectural Committee says the panels must have a black back sheet. Betty’s preferred solar provider, Sunrun, doesn’t carry those.

One neighbor thinks he knows the real reason for the rejection.

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“Control. They just like to have total control over the area,” Paul Cooper said.

When Betty pointed out that none of her neighbors can even see her roof she got what Betty calls a petty response.  “You can see the roof over there, can’t you? Obviously, you can see the roof-they’re going to be able to see your panels.”

Betty acknowledges that she can’t move forward without approval from the association, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on solar.

“I’m gonna keep knocking on their door. I’m gonna keep calling and sending letters and figuring out what my rights are.”

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Segars says she’s already spent about $900 on the project and expects an appeal to cost another $1,500.