ATHERTON (CBS SF) — A San Francisco 49ers reporter spent the day with coach Jim Harbaugh and confirmed that he really does watch a lot of Judge Judy. Manager Scott Kegley recently spent a day with the 49ers coach in his Atherton neighborhood and got an inside look Harbaugh’s family life, and daily routine.

The coach grabbed a cup of morning coffee at a nearby store, the Country Corner before watching “one of the many episodes of ‘Judge Judy’ previously recorded on the family’s DVR,” with daughter “Addie,” Kegley wrote.

Harbaugh, accompanied by his father, attended a taping of the Judge Judy show at Judy’s invitation last year.

Harbaugh lives in upscale Atherton, but stays true to his blue-collar work ethic, and even drives a “modest blue pickup truck that has certainly seen better days,” were he plays with his son Jack as part of his morning routine.

He talked about that blue-collar work ethic in this YouTube video.

After a day’s work at the stadium, Harbaugh ended his day with a hot dog and a soda from a vendor near Great America, but had to hurry home because “a new episode of ‘Judge Judy’ was airing at 7 p.m.”

Read the full report from here.


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