SACRAMENTO (KCBS)— As the state considers stricter water conservation methods, new numbers were released on Tuesday that shows the Bay Area uses the least amount of water per capita compared to other areas of the state.

Bay Area residents can pat themselves on the back over these new statistics from the State Water Resources Control Board. According to them, the average person in the Bay Area uses just over 85 gallons per day, for both indoor and outdoor use.

By comparison, people in the Colorado River area are using 252 gallons a day.

The Bay Area may be at an advantage because of cooler weather and the fog, but we also have a lot of water conscious consumers who are trading in their grass for something less thirsty.

Max Gomberg with the water board said rebates for turf removal have been made available by both by the metropolitan water district and Santa Clara Valley.

“Late last night I also got data in from Solano County. Since July 1st, they’ve removed over 182,000 square feet of turf. The demand is so high for turf removal that there is a wait list. The great thing about turf removal is this is not only a short-term drought response strategy; this really helps for longer-term conservation,” he said.

These numbers aren’t meant to be a competition among water districts, but to encourage further conservation in areas that aren’t as successful.