by Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Today is Bring In Your Parents Day, according to Linked In — a day to solve the problem of Baby Boomers asking Millennials — “Now what is it exactly you do at that tech company?”

The networking social media company found 35% of parents are not completely familiar with what their child does for a living, and 59% of parents want to know more about what their child does for work. They also discovered 50% of parents say they could be of benefit to their offspring by having a better understanding of their career.

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Linked In writes, “Bring in your parents to work with you and say thanks for everything they’ve taught you along the way,” but really it’s about showing another generation what the industry is all about and getting a fresh perspective from them.

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Want to try it? It’s too late for today, but there’s no reason your company can’t try it out some day next month.

Linked In has an online toolkit to make it simple, complete with invitations, posters, and of course online banners, because we all know parents are on Facebook:

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Some ideas to get the most out of your parents, from Linked In:
• Organize a panel discussion with the parents asking questions of senior leadership. One senior manager noted last year that the parents were definitely one of the toughest panels they had ever faced!
• Collect pictures from employees’ childhoods, or ask parents to bring them in, and organise a competition for other members of staff to match the photo to its owner
• Create name badges for parents identifying them as the parents of an employee with a baby picture
• Get parents involved in the work that is going on! You could get them trying their hand at designing or sitting in a brainstorm or a meeting with a team
SOURCE: Linked In
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