SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — While the rains have passed for a while, the earth continues to move in the Bay Area as a large hillside along a parking lot at Lands End in San Francisco started to slide on Monday.


Park rangers are getting ready to close the Lands End coastal trail due to the slide that is making its way towards the footpath.

Sunny weather and a postcard view of the Golden Gate Bridge bring hikers and walkers to the trail but about a quarter mile into it, a tree stump started to slip on Monday.

Eventually that turned into a 200-foot long slide taking down two 60-foot tall cypress trees with the stump. About 10 to 15 feet of the edge has fallen away.

It’s not compromising the footpath or the Navy Memorial parking lot, which is above but there is concern that the trees could give way and collapse onto the path, especially with more rain on the way on Wednesday.

Federal workers have Christmas Eve off so park staff is at a minimum, so there is not enough people to address this until next week—the reason they want to keep people away.



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