SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— With the new year comes a time of reflection and resolutions, but what would our pet cats and dogs put down on their lists?

Dr. Jackson Scarlett with the San Francisco SPCA joked a dog named Juneau would love more squirrel sightings, another named Bruce would like to stop liking his paw so red and another named Nallah would like to get more organized and stop losing her tennis balls.

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“Every cat I interviewed wants to eat less kibble and exercise more,” she quipped. In all seriousness pet owners and guardians may want to consider making some resolutions when it comes to the care of their furry loved ones.

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Scarlett preaches the “3 bag karma pickup”. She would like to see dog owners to carry three bags while out on walks. One for the poop that you know is going to happen, one for the unexpected one, and one for the fellow dog walker who has forgotten to bring their own or who didn’t pick up.

For cat guardians she recommends to be proactive since they hide their illnesses very well. It’s important to get them to the veterinarian for their annual visits.

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For her own new year’s resolutions, Dr. Jennifer Scarlett said one is easy and the other is a bit more difficult. “The easiest one is to take in all the affection and love that my animals give me every day. The hardest is that my dog, Curry, and my cat, Elvie, are getting older. I have to be very mindful of honoring their life by knowing when to not treat them and when to let them go.”