SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Police found a dismembered human body in a suitcase on a San Francisco sidewalk Wednesday evening.

The discovery was made in the South of Market neighborhood at Mission and 11th streets.

Police were originally called to investigate a suspicious package at about 4:30 p.m. Police immediately closed off a stretch of 11th off Market and opened the suitcase.

The body inside was so mutilated, police needed to call in the medical examiner to figure out if it was a human being or an animal.

“As far as a scene like this, every homicide we do deal with is always very tragic to the department,” police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan said. “However, this scene is a gruesome scene and out of the ordinary.”

It’s unclear if all the remains belong to one person, Gatpandan said. She says investigators have a rough description of a suspect but aren’t releasing additional details because the investigation is ongoing.

Police would not say if the victim was a man or a woman.

There were also reports of even more body parts found in a second location, but police is unable to confirm that information at this time.

Grisly Discovery


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