COLMA (CBS SF) — Americans buy an estimated billion dollars’ worth of “pleasure” products every year, and with the growing popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey novels and upcoming movie some of those intimate products are showing up in supermarkets.

When the first book came out, San Francisco Good Vibrations sex shop began seeing a different kind of customer.

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“I had a lot of husbands coming in saying, ‘Oh my god, my wife wants me to tie her up, what should I do?’ First thing I told them, buy a blindfold because she can’t see that look on your face,” Good Vibrations clerk Jukie Schweit said.

The real target of marketing for the book may be at target, where next to the condoms and Advil shoppers could find the Fifty Shades blindfold.

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One shopper was surprised to find the blindfold in a place where you can pick up diapers.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like a Target item,” Janine Batara said.

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Even Albertsons was selling handcuffs and ticklers.