DUBLIN (CBS SF) — Camille Chabot has been spreading the word about her battle with cancer for months. Now, her story has made it from her hometown in Dublin, to the Commander-in-Chief.

The 19-year-old was shocked to see President Obama posing on Air Force One donning a t-shirt bearing the #CamilleStrong hashtag.

“Camille, the President wanted you to know he was thinking about you on AF1,” read the Tweet that spread like wildfire. It has been retweeted 447 times and gotten 619 favorites since it was first posted on February 4, World Cancer Day. East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell shared the photo on his Facebook page.

The POTUS joins an ever-growing group of #CamilleStrong fans. Bethany Mota… Sam Hunt… even this man — who looks a lot like actor George Clooney — has her back.

Ever since the Cal-Poly student was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, the Tri-Valley community has rallied around Camille. She chronicles her journey on the CamilleStrong Facebook page. There are #CamilleStrong wristbands and scarves for sale, and a GoFundMe page — all to help raise money for her medical bills.

CamilleStrong wristbands (Facebook)

CamilleStrong wristbands (Facebook)

There were only a few degrees of separation between Camille and the President. Apparently, Counselor to the President, John Podesta (seen in the photo), is the father of Dublin School Board Trustee Megan Rouse. He’s the one who got Camille’s story and her shirt to President Obama.

According to the Dublin Patch, Camille issued a statement to them both.

“Thank you, Mr. President and Mr. Pedosta, for using my #CamilleStrong story to represent all cancer stories, past and present, so that there will be fewer stories of disease in the future.”


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