SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — PG&E officials hunkered down in the utility company’s “war room” directed crews working around the clock to restore power to customers cut off by this weekend’s powerful storm that brought down trees and power lines around the Bay Area.

Once the winds started whipping outside, PG&E flipped the switch on its emergency operations center, better known as their “war room.”

“It’s a one stop shop for them to call in and ask for help,” Barry Anderson, VP of Emergency Response and Preparedness for PG&E said.

As the outage numbers rose, crews were called in and dispatched from as far as Arizona.

“We always need to build a big bench during these events to restore service as quickly as possible,” Anderson said.

Information from 19 divisions and four regions get filtered into the room in San Francisco.

As of Sunday night, crews were still working to restore power to all its customers.

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