SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Three people have been taken into custody, and San Francisco police are looking for a fourth person of interest after a fight occurred early Wednesday morning inside a Walgreens store in Union Square.

Police said it appears the suspects had a dispute with a Walgreens employee working at the store on Powell Street, then returned to the store early Wednesday morning around 2:00 a.m.

San Francisco police Lt. Gaetano Caltagirone said a security guard was beaten by four suspects and another employee was stabbed multiple times.

“The Walgreens employee was injured with multiple stab wounds to the body area,” Caltagirone said. “The security guard was assaulted. One of the suspects had a stab wound to the neck area.”

Police were able to quickly apprehend three of the suspects after they fled the store. A fourth got away, but Caltagirone said they know that person’s identity.

Both of the victims are in stable condition.

The suspects will face multiple charges including assault, conspiracy and attempted murder.

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