By Len Ramirez

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Students at San Jose State University say the campus has a problem with homeless that is getting out of control.

Trent Nunz is a fourth year business student who says the problem is so bad that students “can’t walk out of any individual building without seeing at least a couple homeless, anytime of the day.  Anytime.”

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Madonna Ebrahimof says it’s not just the volume of homeless people living on campus, but that they have become intimidating and aggressive over campus seating areas.

“I was sitting on a bench, and this woman comes up and says ‘this is my territory, you need to get up from here’,” Ebrahimof said.

“I was so scared, and I’m like I’m so sorry.  I had to apologize.  Then come to think of it, I’m like hey, I’m paying money to come to this school.   This is my school,” Ebrahimof said.

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Inside the library, students clash with the homeless over desk space, and open computers.

One student thinks it’s all because of the city’s recent shut down of a large homeless encampment last December.

“All those homeless people didn’t have anywhere to go.  They just dispersed out.  It was only a mile that way, so of course they would come this way.  It’s open.  There’s benches.  There’s a little bit of covering,” student Traci Sterner said.

The University administration says it can’t stop people from using the benches, or even being on campus unless they try to camp overnight.  Students are urged to call campus police if they encounter any aggressive behavior.

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“We want people to feel as welcomed as they can be.   We want them to feel safe and secure.  If people do have any concerns, we want them to report them so we can take action right away,” Pat Lopes-Harris from the University said.