SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Congressman Mike Honda was in a nearly empty House Chamber listening to a California colleague speak on Homeland Security spending when he fell asleep on camera.

The Silicon Valley Democrat tilted his head and dozed off in plain view of C-SPAN cameras last Friday.

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“He’s certainly not the first person or first congressman to fall asleep in a congressional hearing.  But, the problem is his opponents painted him as ineffective and lazy.  This certainly plays right into that,” KPIX 5 Political Analyst Melissa Griffin-Caen said.

It wasn’t the first time Mr. Honda has apparently napped in public.  Two years ago at his own townhall meeting on Obamacare, he dozed off for about thirty seconds.

The latest incident went viral on social media, but Honda tweeted out a snappy response confirming he was asleep.  He added a quote, saying he was “tired of the GOP playing games with our national security.”

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The images of Honda snoozing could hurt him if he runs for another term in 2016, Griffin-Caen said.

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“If it means getting an intern to follow him around with a cattle prod to make sure he stays awake at all times, that’s what he has to do.  He absolutely cannot let this happen again.”