By Bill Disbrow

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Tweets are flying and Reddit users are in a buzz Thursday morning with news that a “mystery car” was spotted cruising around San Francisco Wednesday. It turns out that there is little mystery about where the concept car came from – Mercedes Benz.

It appears the vehicle is the the Mercedes F 015 concept car which which “is offering a vision of autonomous driving in the future,” according to a promotional video. Unlike some other self-driving cars, this one apparently offers a steering wheel. But apparently it will also allow for some unconventional seating arrangements.

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The Mercedes-Benz F 105(Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz F 105(Mercedes-Benz)

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Here’s a closer peek at what it’s supposed to look like:

A Mercedes representative says the car was not driving itself in San Francisco Wednesday.

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“Some development work is being done with the vehicle at our Research & Development facility in Sunnyvale. We are using the proximity to San Francisco to get footage and photos for future use,” said Diedra Wylie of Mercedes-Benz USA.